Get that golden hour glow

Get that golden hour glow

August 23, 2018 0 Comments

Whether you’re wanting to achieve that ‘just had a facial’ glow or you want more of a ‘warning! may cause blindness’ vibe, my brand new Illuminating Crème is the best way to glow. Available in two shades, Jewel is a warm champagne and Crown is a bronze shade - perfect for an all over body glow.

I personally like a complete face glow, so I use my Jewel illuminator underneath my foundation as a base and then apply after to highlight key areas such as the highs of the cheekbones, down the nose, centre of the forehead and cupid’s bow - but you could skip the base layer and go straight to key areas for a more subtle glow.

My Crown illuminator is amazing for a body glow up situation, especially on sun kissed skin or after you’ve applied fake tan. I like to apply it to my collarbones and shoulders as well as using it to contour my face - for when I want to achieve a full on glow for nights out.

Head over to Youtube to watch my makeup tutorials and how-to videos for exact guides on how to glow up.