It all starts with skin care

It all starts with skin care

October 06, 2018 0 Comments

Cleanse, tone, moisturise, sleep *repeat*

Let’s face it, 8 hours sleep just isn’t realistic these days...working, socialising, exercise, Instagram management, obvs. Life can be rough, but that doesn’t mean our skin needs to be. We need a skin care regime that’s straight to the point, time efficient and effective.

It all begins with your skincare. Keeping skin looking its absolute best is the key to a perfect glow - top of the list is an exfoliator. This ensures all your dead, rough skin cells are scrubbed away (like your ex) ensuring shiny smooth new ones take centre stage - but don’t over do it, one or two times a week is enough. On to the next important step, moisturising - this step should happen daily and should never be missed, it’s what helps to keep skin supple, protected from environmental nasties and boosts natural radiance.

Now you’re ready for the makeup! Head to my Youtube channel to get started…