My step-by-step guide to applying lashes

My step-by-step guide to applying lashes

October 09, 2018 0 Comments

Who doesn’t LOVE an extra little somethin’ to flutter those lashes? But, it’s one of the trickiest skills to master, right? Trial and error is the only way to a seamless lash application that’s so easy you could do in your beauty sleep - here’s my little step-by-step guide to help...

Whether day glam or going out-out glam, I always tend to apply lashes after my eye makeup is looking flawless - top tip is to always add a few delicate coats of mascara to natural lashes, makes people wonder “are her lashes real” - and it really helps my mink lashes have a seamless blend.

First step - and an important one - before gluing always measure the lash against your natural lash line as they may need a little trim for that perfect fit. If they do, always trim them from the outside to prevent the inner lashes being too long.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the lash band - whilst it’s drying, go glam up another part of your face and allow time for the glue to turn tacky, this prevents the lash slipping around whilst securing in place (try not to forget them like I usually do *rolls eyes*).

This is where your preference on application technique comes in - I prefer to use fingers to secure them others prefer tweezers...either way place lash in the middle of the eyelid and press down on the band, paying extra attention to those corners - nobody needs those lifting.

If you need to see it to believe it, head to my YouTube channel to see how I perfectly apply my entire Makeup By Polly collection.

Guys & girls, you got this.